Making empty homes feel loved again

At Grafton, we work with empty home owners, local authorities and local residents to make empty homes feel loved again.

This way, we can clean up your neighbourhood, lowering chances of vandalism, arson and decay whilst making use of properties to offer housing solutions. Our professional, independent service includes: free property and genealogy research, property and legal expertise, title resolution, probate resolution, property sale and mediation.

Empty Home Owners

We Help Empty Home Owners

Are you an empty home owner that doesn’t know what to do or where to start with your property? We can help. We can get your empty property back into working condition through a number of schemes tailored to you and your needs.

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Local Authorities

We Help Local Authorities

Do you work for a local authority? Do you have a long list of empty properties in your area? We’re here to help. We can trace the owner of each property, find out why the property is not in use, and provide them with a solution to give the property a new lease of life.

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Local Residents

We Help Local Residents

Are you a local resident that lives near an eyesore of a property that’s decaying in front of your eyes? We can help. We will find the property owner and get the empty property back in working condition, giving you new neighbours in no time.

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Report a property

 If there are empty properties in your local area, you can report them here using our online form.